403 ViewsIt is recognized that the essential level of change in education is the school. After looking at the “teacher effect” and the “establishment effect”, without managing for the latter to determine precisely what falls under the “head of establishment effect”, the research recognizes that it is collective level that this is played out. The […]

The new spirit of a new school

354 ViewsA new school must be animated by a new spirit. Before embarking on the analysis of the place and role of the various subjects in the elementary and secondary study programmes, the Commission specifies the organization and the spirit of the teaching and the programmes: “It is curricula and the entire school system must […]

Studying in prison: a chance to reintegrate

1,068 ViewsOften in a situation of dropping out of school, many prisoners decide despite everything to go back to school to anticipate their professional reintegration. Far from the classic high school classrooms, they work all year on their exams from their prison. By Mathieu Michel We went to the Hauts-de-Seine remand center, located in Nanterre, […]

Get rid of exam stress in 5 ways

295 ViewsHave you ever felt stressed at dawn to walk through the door to the exam room? At least once… So that stress doesn’t turn into big panic, here are 5 simple and effective methods that have been proven. The zen attitude is yours! The tightening stomach, the lack of breath, the knotted throat… Does […]

What is the bachelor’s degree?

267 ViewsTraining in management and business in three years after the baccalaureate, the bachelor’s degree is widely used in management and business schools. It is suitable for you if you wish to favor short studies in order to quickly integrate into professional life or to pursue a master’s degree. What are the advantages of this […]