8 Ways to Help Your Child Revise

992 ViewsLooking for ways to support your child through exam season this year? It’s a stressful period and can cause anxiety for some students and their parents. Here are some ways you can help your child get through their studies and feel confident heading into their next exam. 1. Create a space for them to […]

What is Kolb’s Experiential Learning Reflective Model?

1,391 ViewsAmerican educational theorist David Kolb believes students are individual learners, each with unique learning styles and preferences. He also sees immense value in learning through direct experience—an idea that stems from earlier work by fellow forward-thinking theorists such as Maria Montessori. In this article, we’ll dive deep into Kolb’s Experiential Learning Reflective Model, which […]

Studying in prison: a chance to reintegrate

1,150 ViewsOften in a situation of dropping out of school, many prisoners decide despite everything to go back to school to anticipate their professional reintegration. Far from the classic high school classrooms, they work all year on their exams from their prison. By Mathieu Michel We went to the Hauts-de-Seine remand center, located in Nanterre, […]