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What is the bachelor’s degree?

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Training in management and business in three years after the baccalaureate, the bachelor’s degree is widely used in management and business schools. It is suitable for you if you wish to favor short studies in order to quickly integrate into professional life or to pursue a master’s degree. What are the advantages of this program? What does this diploma even mean and what are its outlets? Which graduates are concerned? How is the training going?

The bachelor is a post-baccalaureate diploma in 3 years , accessible to all bachelors . It represents an alternative to post-prep courses and management and business schools in 4 or 5 years. Diploma recognized internationally and by companies , it allows either to integrate the professional world, or to continue his studies  in parallel admissions .

What type of bachelor to prepare?

The bachelor’s training offer is abundant and differs from BTS, DUT and professional license courses . The bachelor is also a name similar to the BBA  but does not offer the same trajectory. The bachelor’s degree is therefore not taught at the university but comes under the jurisdiction of management and business schools, which have made it a complementary product to their Grande Ecole program . Some schools have also developed a bachelor’s program to meet the middle-manager needs of companies in their area. In addition to general bachelors , there are specialized bachelors programs who are positioned on a professional specialty (design, digital, digital, tourism, etc.). Other bachelors are post-bac+2 programs and are aimed at DUT, BTS, L2  in search of a year of professionalization oriented trade or specialization. Many bachelors are offered as an apprenticeship or work-study program , in the third year, sometimes in the second.

Are bachelors recognised?

Like BBAs   or 5-year schools , bachelors programs can be approved by the State (bac+3). From 2021, the  degree of license  may be awarded to the bachelors concerned, and will benefit from university recognition. Other three-year programs have opted for registration in the National Directory of Professional Certifications ( RNCP ), a label strongly claimed by schools offering their course as a work- study program. . In addition, the CCIs have been promoting the “Bachelor of the CCIs” label for 5 years, in the form of a labeling of their bac+3 training. Finally, the bachelor’s degree is an international standard and the first level of exit from higher education at European level, and benefits from the reputation of the school auqel isl are attached through international accreditations ( EQUIS , EPAS , AACSB in particular).

The degree of license for bachelors

The  bachelor’s degree  may be awarded, from 2021, to schools issuing  bachelor’s degrees (bac+3)  or  BBA degrees (bac+4) . Like  the visa  and the  master’s degree , applications for the award (and eventual renewal) of the  bachelor’s degree  fall within the competence of the Commission for the Evaluation of Diplomas and Management Training ( CEFDG ), for the schools of management and business. Post-bac+3 and post-bac+4 training will therefore now benefit from university recognition.

How to integrate a bachelor?

Some bachelor’s programs have come together in joint competitions  to recruit their candidates. The others go it alone and organize their own competition according to variable methods and timetables. Many of them adhere to the Parcoursup procedure . Since 2020, all targeted bachelors from business and management schools will have to use the ministry’s platform  for their registrations. The selection is based on written (logic, English, etc.) and oral (motivational interview, personality test, etc.) tests. The schools being free to select as they wish, some do so only on application and motivational interview.

Choosing the right bachelor’s degree: where to get information?

There are several opportunities to find out about the bachelors programs and meet the training managers or the students: the Studyrama fairs , the open days of the Grandes Ecoles, but also the preparation days offered by the joint competitions. Also consult the school files in the Studyrama Grandes écoles directory or the bachelors files . You will find details on the content of the training, the admission procedures and a lot of practical information. Finally, get the books published by Studyrama to help you prepare for and pass the competitions.

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