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Get rid of exam stress in 5 ways

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Have you ever felt stressed at dawn to walk through the door to the exam room? At least once… So that stress doesn’t turn into big panic, here are 5 simple and effective methods that have been proven. The zen attitude is yours!

The tightening stomach, the lack of breath, the knotted throat… Does that ring a bell? As a major deadline approaches such as an exam stress, many of you worry about not being up to it and failing. In your view, the stakes are therefore considerable. The few tips that follow are good to take to help you prevent the appearance of stress , or chase it away when it comes up.

Take charge of your emotions

JPEG – 12.8 kbStress often arises from the fear of the unknown, from the feeling that one does not control one’s future. However, if you cannot predict your final result, you remain in control of all the preparation time. It is therefore important to know the timetable of the exam / competition as well as the details of the tests. This will allow you to establish a schedule of your months of revisions , in order to devote the necessary time to each test.

You can also make a detailed program for each week – in particular to vary the subjects, integrate break times – but while keeping a certain flexibilityin order to spend more time, if necessary, on those where you have the most difficulty. This will prevent you from making dead ends or always procrastinating. Above all, it will give you the feeling that you have put all the chances on your side to succeed.

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Fortunately, as much as we are sensitive to negative thoughts (fear of failure, eviction, discouragement…), we are also sensitive to positive thoughts! Music that gives you the energy, a smell that you particularly like, memories of success, a quote that boosts you… So many little things that will constitute a kind of box of happiness in which to draw as soon as you need it.

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No, you’re not just a thinking head! The revisions also solicit your body, that’s why it is important to take care of it. So you need to make sure you get enough sleep. And there it is not necessarily a question of going to bed every night at 9 p.m. but of finding the right rhythm, even if it means sleeping less at night and compensating with a nap during the day if that suits you better.

Taking care of your body also means feeding it properly. Bet on foods that provide you with vitamins and carbohydrates, rather than fast foods that will weigh on your digestion. Finally, get out, oxygenate yourself, and get moving! Jogging, swimming, tennis, basketball, cycling: choose the sport that gives you the most pleasure. And if you’re not very athletic, stick to a 20 to 30 minute walk a day. A great way to recharge your batteries, let off steam while thinking about something else, avoid insomnia…

Breathe in breathe out

Breathing is obviously an essential act for our survival. Besides most of the time, we do it without realizing it. Breathing is also essential for the proper functioning of our brain since it alone absorbs 20% of our total oxygen consumption. Finally, breathing is a good way to combat stress, provided you adopt abdominal breathing (by the belly), which is deeper and longer than thoracic breathing .

imagine that your belly is a balloon that inflates and deflates, even if it means exaggerating the movement. Get used to breathing like this at all times. And when you feel that stress is gaining you, force yourself to inhale and exhale deeply, closing your eyes for several minutes, before resuming your activity.

Do not sulk your pleasure

Even in times of revision, you have the right – perhaps even the duty – to relax and make yourself feel good. For example, it has been shown that laughter has a soothing power on the body, and that one minute of laughter is equivalent to 45 minutes of relaxation. Whether it’s in front of a comedian’s show, a TV series or with friends, let go!

Also give yourself time for activities that make you happy: music, dancing, cooking, video games, taking a good bath with your favorite novel or magazine … provided of course you don’t overdo it. This will allow you to leave your candidate’s skin for a few moments, reminding you that your life does not stop at the preparation for such an exam or competition, and will help you to put things into perspective.

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