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The most popular online tutoring platforms

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Providing online tutoring services is no longer considered a hobby. This has been a popular choice for many people’s primary occupation. This is the ideal profession if you have the expertise and self-assurance to instruct others from afar.Wyzant is a great option for parents seeking for a vetted tutoring marketplace. Cignition is a great choice for a maths tutor if you have a middle schooler. Learn To Be is a tiny non-profit organisation that aims to help underprivileged students.

You should do some research on whichever platform you choose to be sure it has the materials your child needs, as many of them are not geared towards K-12 subjects. is a subset of the Princeton Review’s comprehensive online learning environment. Among its many features, this platform facilitates one-on-one connections between students and tutors. On-demand tutoring, scheduled tutoring, drop-off essay review, and diagnostic tests are just some of the services that offers through its partnerships with K-12 institutions. About three thousand teachers are available for sixty different areas of study in grades K-12. is a website that helps connect students with tutors. While Wyzant’s primary focus is on in-person coaching, the company has also made significant investments in its online platform. Their online tutoring software (a whiteboard and streaming video with many bells and whistles; lessons may also be recorded and re-watched) is similar to that of other online platforms. It includes different tutors including gcse tutors and science tutors is an online education platform that provides tutoring services via text, audio, and video with the help of an interactive whiteboard. They do both scheduled and on-demand lessons, but the former is their main focus. Tutoring younger students, those in high school and college, is the main focus. is a fantastic choice for people in search of a variety of tutoring models, including the student-to-tutor matching model (Tutoreye screens the tutors) and the library and homeschooling assistance models. Tutoreye, like most other platforms, makes use of an interactive whiteboard and allows for the recording and playback of lessons.

The matching is done by the students themselves, who are presented with a list of recommended instructors and are free to request any of them. Skooli’s interactive whiteboard is compatible with the Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets suite of products, making it a useful teaching tool. Up to 300,000 pupils can be accommodated safely and securely.

Revolution Prep –

Focuses on Academic Improvement. Up to eight students can participate in a small group tutoring session, but it’s solely for test preparation. Private coaching is available for a wide range of disciplines and can help with test preparation. Each student has the option of purchasing a bulk buy in hours, such as 24 or 36 hours of tutoring. It is unclear what capabilities (beyond screen sharing and video discussion) the Zoom browser plug-in offers. Tutors are regular staff members.

 The whiteboard can be interacted with. The ability to plan ahead appears to exist. Tutors who a student connects with can be retained. Comprehensive curriculum catering to students in grades 9-12 and adults seeking guidance in selecting a career path. No pre-college or junior high school material. Check out, chemistry tutors online

Offers several different types of tutoring, including “drop-in” sessions (for urgent concerns), scheduled appointments, a question box for tutors to answer at their convenience, and recorded sessions. A component of the wider Pearson educational platform. Part-time tutors are available, however they are highly educated and knowledgeable in a variety of fields.


Cignition provides middle school pupils with personalised maths tuition online. Students and teachers can work together in a shared environment while receiving tutoring support at any time. Parents can send an enquiry to find a tutor for their child. The diagnostic data and access to their maths game (Fog Isle) can be used to tailor instruction. The average educational level of a tutor is a Master’s.

Learn to Be

Learn To Be is a nonprofit with the mission of providing academic support to disadvantaged youngsters. About a quarter of families who use tutoring services pay a nominal monthly charge, and tutors do their work for free. The rest are exempt from contributing.

Website pairing students with learning challenges with private tutors. Consultation is at the heart of our matching process. A Bachelor’s degree in Special Education is required of all tutors.

In conclusion, the notion that tutoring is reserved for the rich and famous is also quickly evolving. In the age of Covid-19, when online education is rapidly replacing traditional forms of education, this is more true than ever.

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