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15 Best Websites to Learn Science and Enjoy Funny General Knowledge Questions

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Science is an exciting field of study that enables us to investigate and comprehend the environment we live in. There is a vast amount of knowledge to be gained, ranging from the marvels of space to the complexities of microscopic life. Luckily, there are a ton of websites on the internet that are devoted to making science education interesting and educational. This post will go over 15 of the top websites that provide a plethora of scientific information as well as the opportunity to laugh at some amusing general knowledge quizzes.

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Khan Academy

Science is just one of the many subjects covered in free online courses offered by the well-known educational resource Khan Academy. For students of all ages, Khan Academy is a great resource because of its dynamic lessons and captivating content.

National Geographic

A wealth of knowledge about the natural world and our planet can be found at National Geographic. Their website is an excellent resource for science enthusiasts, covering a wide range of topics including geography, wildlife, and the environment through articles, videos, and interactive features.


The NASA website is a must-visit if you have a strong interest in space and astronomy. It offers an abundance of information about space travel, celestial bodies, and the most recent advancements in astrophysics, including articles, photos, and videos.

The Exploratorium

Located in San Francisco, The Exploratorium is an interactive science museum. A variety of interactive games and virtual displays are available on their website to make science education enjoyable and interesting.

Bill Nye’s website

Popular science educator and TV personality Bill Nye the Science Guy is well-liked. His passion for providing science education in an engaging and approachable manner is reflected in his website. You can increase your scientific knowledge by watching videos, reading articles, and using other resources.


For the most recent information on scientific news and research, ScienceDaily is a trustworthy source. They provide articles and updates on novel discoveries and studies, spanning a wide range of scientific disciplines.

Popular Science

Popular Science is a well-known magazine with news, features, and articles on a wide range of scientific subjects. It’s a fantastic tool for learning about the most recent developments and trends in science.

Live Science

Another great resource for articles and news about science is Live Science. Their content is interesting and educational, covering a broad range of topics from environmental science to biology and physics.

Science News for Students

A website dedicated to young learners is called Science News for Students. It is an invaluable resource for educators and students alike, offering age-appropriate articles and resources on a wide range of scientific subjects.

BBC Science

A wide selection of articles and multimedia content on a variety of scientific topics can be found in the BBC’s science section. They provide excellent reporting and interesting content, so you can learn about science without having to leave your house.

TED Talks

Experts from a variety of fields, including science, give TED Talks. These lectures offer a special chance to learn from some of the world’s most brilliant minds. Subjects covered include the marvels of the human body and the mysteries of the cosmos.

New Scientist

Reputable magazine New Scientist publishes articles and features on a broad variety of scientific topics. Their website informs readers about the most recent advancements in science and offers a plethora of information.

The Royal Society

For science enthusiasts, the Royal Society, a prestigious scientific organization, provides a number of free online resources. You have access to a variety of scientific disciplines covered by articles, videos, and more.


Top universities and institutions offer science courses on the EdX online learning platform. You can learn at your own pace in both paid and free courses, even though many of them demand payment.

American Museum of Natural History

The website of the American Museum of Natural History provides a plethora of information, including articles, virtual exhibits, and interactive tools that explore the secrets of nature. For those with an interest in anthropology, paleontology, or other scientific subjects, it’s a great place to visit.

Enjoying Funny General Knowledge QuestionsAlong the Way

Even though studying science is a serious endeavor, it can still be enjoyable. You can inject some humor and entertainment value into your scientific investigation by including a few humorous general knowledge questions in your learning process. These websites offer amusing general knowledge questions to see how clever you are:

Funny Trivia Questions: To make learning enjoyable, Fun Trivia provides a variety of trivia quizzes, including humorous general knowledge questions.

Sporcle: Sporcle offers a range of trivia tests with questions covering both serious information and lighthearted, enjoyable topics.

Mental Floss: This website tickles your funny bone with a section of humorous trivia questions in addition to providing fascinating facts.

The Fact Site: To keep you interested and amused, The Fact Site provides you with a daily dose of fascinating and humorous facts, along with humorous general knowledge questions.

The internet is full of resources to make your science learning experience enjoyable. Studying science can be a rewarding and illuminating experience. The aforementioned list of 15 websites offers an abundance of information on a broad spectrum of scientific subjects, spanning from biology to astronomy and beyond. Additionally, you can add even more humor to the learning process by including some humorous general knowledge questions. So go ahead, broaden your scientific horizons, and enjoy yourself while doing it!

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